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Luke Eyres is a Cambridge based company dedicated to preserving and delivering the best of British craftsmanship traditions to the UK and overseas customers.

Carefully preserving traditional manufacturing skills whilst applying contemporary production techniques, we supply every level of organisation and educational establishment.

Since its establishment in 1894 by Mr D Eyres, Luke Eyres has moved with the times. In the early years, a major part of its output was black lisle stockings, which formed an essential part of women’s attire during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. From the early 1900s to the end of the 1920s, the company produced traditional pullovers and during the First World War also supplied balaclavas and gaiters to British troops.

Due to wartime shortages, there wasn’t enough wool yarn to create knitted college scarves. The company decided to develop a woven wool material, leading to the distinctive vertical striped style of college scarves today.

Following the war, wool became widely available again. Most universities elected to keep their cloth stripe style. The scarves were mainly made for Cambridge Colleges and boat clubs. However they soon became popular with universities throughout the UK. Our definitive library of scarf designs has been preserved and updated for two centuries.

Before long the company began making
cricket sweaters for colleges, incorporating a different trim for each institution. Luke Eyres sweaters ended up being worn by all the major cricket teams including the West Indies, Yorkshire as well as MCC.

1989 saw the introduction of the company’s first electronic machines, which allowed it to branch out into the school wear market, eventually including further education institutions both in the UK and overseas. We also started to produce fashion work for Paul Smith and Joseph. We were one of the first companies to use a pearl binder machine, and also one of the first to develop with our supplier shrink-resistant yarn to allow clothes to be machine-washed.

Recently, Luke Eyres has started to produce stiff collars for a range of legal, military and social occasions. The company also has an extensive library of original collar patterns and produce entirely in-house, using original manufacturing techniques.

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